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Granoro Flour

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General Information

Product DimensionsN/A
Allergen InformationWheat 
Country of origin Italy
Brand Granoro

Product Description

Granoro Extra Durum Wheat Semolina is made exclusively from the heart of the grain of the best durum wheat, which is the richest part. Dried using special technologies that guarantee long conservation times, it has an intense yellow colour and perfectly calculated grain size, resulting in the best possible dough. It is recommended for fresh, homemade pasta such as orecchiette, lasagne and tagliolini and, thanks to the size of its grains, traditional semolina soup. Granoro Extra Durum Wheat Semolina is packaged in paper and film with a clear plastic window to highlight the quality of the product.

Type "00" flour is produced by grinding soft wheat and is a product widely used for baking and the production of fresh pastries, including homemade ones. Granoro Type "00" Soft Wheat Flour is produced from a careful selection of the best soft wheat (max. ash content 0.55%, W = min. 160, P/L 0.40, 0.70). Purposely designed for domestic use, it is recommended for the preparation of desserts, fried foods, creams and fresh pastries. Granoro Type "00" Flour is extracted from the central part of the soft wheat grain, with a low extraction yield, which results in a better quality product. Produced from a select mixture of soft wheat, it is purposely designed for domestic use. Granoro Type "00" Flour is the basic ingredient recommended for preparing bread, pasta, leavened doughs for pizzas and focaccias, desserts, cakes and biscuits, delicate creams and chamel sauces, coatings for vegetables and fish and batter for fried foods. NOTE: type "00" flours with average W values of 150 can be found on sale. However, Granoro Type "00" Flour has W values of between 180 and 200. 

Manitoba flour is a type "00" soft wheat flour made from a selection of soft wheat typically grown in North America. Indeed, Manitoba takes its name from the area of production, a vast province in Canada, which is in turn named after the ancient Indian tribe that lived there. Wheat that was grown there initially was strong and resistant to low temperatures. Manitoba was a very special soft wheat as to enable it to grow in those northern areas, which were subject to very harsh winter temperatures, it developed special characteristics to increase its resistance. Granoro Manitoba Type "00" Flour has a breadmaking index, identified with the symbol W, an important parameter used to classify flours, of between 280 and 300, a much higher value compared to normal type "00" soft wheat flours. Granoro Type "1" flour is produced by grinding the best, high-protein soft wheat. 

Type "1" flour has a lower sifting rate than type "0" and "00" flours; it also has higher levels of protein, mineral salts and fibre, without the strong taste and dark colour of whole wheat flour. It does not contain foreign substances or impurities, except for bran particles. It complies with Law No. 187 dated 09/02/2001. IT IS PERFECT FOR BREAD, PIZZAS, CAKES AND DESSERTS. Granoro Type "1" flour is recommended for recipes requiring medium to long leavening times, it absorbs a greater amount of water compared to type "00" flour and contains more bran particles and fibre, giving food products a lovely amber colour and delicate flavour. It is perfect for making bread, pizzas, cakes and desserts, including shortcrust pastry tarts and biscuits. 

Granoro MULTIGRAIN bread mix is a mixture of ingredients type "0" soft wheat flour, cereals and seeds and is ready to use as it already contains a sourdough starter culture. Granoro's Multigrain Mix completes and enriches the daily diet as well as providing a considerable amount and variety of natural fibre. PERFECT FOR BREAD AND OTHER BAKED PRODUCTS Recommended for bread making, it provides the typical consistency and flavour of times gone by. It is also ideal for making breadsticks, crackers, taralli and other baked products. The addition of whole sunflower and sesame seeds, together with the oat, barley and malted wheat flours and the oat flakes, gives products wonderfully rustic flavours and characteristics. 

Granoro Whole Wheat Flour is made from grinding whole grains of soft wheat and is used to make fragrant doughs with an intense flavour. Granoro Whole Wheat Flour is classed as a food with a High Fibre Content, as it contains 10 g of fibre per 100 g of product, a higher amount than the minimum limit of 6 g of fibre per 100 g of product, as set forth in EC Regulation 1924/2006. Granoro Whole Wheat Flour provides 40% of the daily recommended amount of fibre and is therefore ideal for anyone wishing to add a high amount of fibre to their diet. Fibre is an essential ally for your physical wellbeing and staying in shape. 



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