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Ways To Support Small Businesses

Ways To Support Small Businesses

7 Easy Ways To Support Small Businesses Around You

Small business owners have been hit very hard by the SOP government mandates to keep people safe. Many have been forced to close their doors.

There are many ways your money - not being spent on bars or movies - can be diverted to small businesses. 

Here's how :

  1. Order delivery, takeout or buy vouchers from your favorite restaurants.
  2. Ask small businesses on how you could help them.
  3. Give them some love on social media: share, comment and like their posts.
  4. Tell your friends & family
  5. Write them an online review 
  6. Send them a caring message 
  7. Visit their website - the traffic will help them.

We are all in this together, and our communities rely on the small businesses at the heart of them. 

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